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One-to-One Mentoring Program

The One-to-One Program Mentoring Plan includes activities and experiences that should be used as guidance for the mentee and mentor during their meetings, whether virtual or in person. This plan consists of topics and activities that are divided into 8 categories. Each category has multiple activities. At least 1 category along with an activity should be discussed during your monthly meeting.

The mentor and mentee will discuss the mentee’s professional goals, interests and practice area(s) to develop activities using the Mentoring Plan and indicate which activities will be completed during the mentoring term. This Mentoring Plan is to be used as a guide and may be adjusted throughout the mentoring term based on the mentee’s needs and experiences. At your initial meeting you should introduce yourselves, discuss each participants expectations and to set future meetings.

A successful mentoring relationship is grounded on communication, trust, and candor. Whether meeting in person or virtually, please make sure you meet in a “place” that will allow for open, yet private communication. Keep in mind that communication includes both verbal and non-verbal components.

A monthly submission form is provided on the last page of this document so that you can document your monthly meetings. This form must be submitted each month by the 15th of the month following your meeting to obtain CLE credit. For example, if your meeting is June 5, you must submit the form by July 15. Please email the monthly submission form and cc your mentor partner to Carol.Mitchell@staff.azbar.org.

Summary of the mentor curriculum

Initial Meeting

    • Mentoring Plan will be discussed by both the mentor and mentee and planning for the completion of the curriculum will take place.

Introduction to the Legal Community

    • This may include introduction of the mentee to colleagues, members of local and affinity bars, section members, etc.


    • This module will include discussions of professionalism in a variety of practice areas and venues, including courts, government agencies, in dealing with outside counsel, opposing counsel and clients.  Professionalism discussions also include communication issues, as well as litigation and diversity issues.

Law Office Management

The State Bar of Arizona offers free and confidential advice on all aspects of law office (law practice) management through Practice 2.0, 602-340-7332.  This includes a variety of topics including:

  • Time management
  • Case management
  • Financial recordkeeping
  • Working with interoffice personnel
  • Use of technology in practice 

Practice Development

How to develop the practice in an effective manner. Tools, resources, organizations, CLE presentations, and similar external tools that may be available to the mentee.

Legal Ethics

These discussions include ethics in private, government and corporate practice.

Member Well-Being

Professional Development

Mentoring Resources