Welcome to the State Bar's free, confidential practice management advice program. Practice 2.0's practice management advisors are Arizona-licensed lawyers who make it a priority to stay informed about the newest trends, technology tools, and best practical and ethical practices to help you make your practice all it can be from starting up to winding down and everything in between.  

Call our advice line, 602.340.7332 for a quick question or to schedule a 30-minute consultation by phone, virtually by Zoom or in person at the State Bar Offices. 

We have numerous resources for lawyers in all areas of practice, and for new or more experienced lawyers, for lawyers new to Arizona, and for firms of all sizes with an emphasis on solo practitioners and small firms.  We continually update the resources and information we offer in response to your needs and questions. 

Call us at 602.340.7332 for free, confidential advice.

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What's New at Practice 2.0?

Worrying about how to respond to a negative online review?  Arizona Ethics Opinion 19-0010 and ABA Formal Opinion 496 may provide some guidance to assist you before you call us to discuss your particular situation. Remember, the opinion is non-binding and is advisory, but it's a good place to start.

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Practice 2.0 is a free, confidential member benefit.

There is no charge for Practice 2.0's resources, hotlines or 30-minute consultations. They are provided free of charge as a benefit of your State Bar of Arizona membership.

Members seeking more extensive on-site assistance may contact the Lawyer Assistance Programs Director at 602.340.7332 for information about the availability and cost of such services.