Status Change to Active from Inactive/Retired - Rule 45(e)

  1. Completed Status Change Form.  For ease of processing, you can enter the events you are applying towards your status change on your CLE tracking page or include them on a separate sheet with your status change form.  Your status change packet must include a list of the individual CLE events you are applying towards your status change to be processed.

  2. Provide proof of MCLE Compliance for each of the last two years inactive status was held.
    • Arizona Resident: Certificates of attendance for all CLE programs needed to verify MCLE compliance
    • Non-resident residing and licensed in another MCLE jurisdiction: Letter or certificate of compliance from home jurisdiction verifying MCLE compliance
    • Non-resident not licensed in the state of residence or state does not have an MCLE requirement- same as Arizona resident

  3. Payment of the difference between Inactive/Retired and Active fees for the current calendar year by credit card/check.  If payment by credit card, submit Credit Card Authorization.

  4. Once Active, member must comply with the annual MCLE requirements for the current educational year.

You can submit your status change packet via email to MCLE@staff.azbar.org or mail your packet and paper check to the address included on the status change form.

For additional questions regarding status changes, please contact the MCLE Department at 602.340.7328 or email MCLE@staff.azbar.org.

Status changes require approximately 7-10 business days for processing.


Status Change to Inactive/Retired from Active Status

To move to Inactive/Retired Status from Active Status, send an email requesting the change to the Resource Center at Membership@staff.azbar.org no more than 30 days prior.  Be sure to include your name, bar number, the status you wish to hold and the date you would like your status change effective (we are unable to back date status changes).

To view the difference between Inactive and Retired status, click here.

Remember, your status on June 30th determines your requirement to file an MCLE affidavit for the prior year.  If you move to inactive status after June 30th, pursuant to Rule 45, you still have a requirement to complete CLE and file an affidavit for the prior year.  Please contact the MCLE Department with any additional questions at MCLE@staff.azbar.org.

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